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Hey Joe not wrote by Billy Roberts: list here

Rockabilly versions are listed in the 'Leaves covers': Bap Kennedy, Danny and the Wonderbras, Fargone Beauties (folk/Rockabilly), Fretz, Joscho Stephan, Los Chilaqz,
Number Nine and Rusty Evans
but Paul Ansell (of Number Nine) is in "Hendrix covers"

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I added 80 rares versions of hey joe (128 mbps) in a file rar (331 Mo): list here

In 2017, my Dutch friend Jan Marius Franzen informed me of the death of Billy Roberts.
Billy Roberts was credited for writing Hey Joe, which he copyrighted in 1962.
William Moses "Billy" Roberts Jr., born August 16, 1936 in Greenville, South Carolina, died on October 7, 2017 in Georgia, United States.
Billy Roberts never, to my knowledge, recorded Hey Joe in studio, he played it in Clubs, including 1987 at Bouncer's in San Francisco with Summer Of Love All Stars,
with John Cipollina


marc shapiro cover of book hey joe when I knew, in March 2019, the existence of Marc Shapiro's book about Hey Joe (issued in 2016), of course I bought it and surprise,
my name is quoted on page VII and is quoted on page 142 as well as the website of my Dutch friend Jan Marius Franzen: page 148. I thank you Marc for your very interesting book.

Marc write page VII: There’s this guy in France named Christian Arnould, who also lives and breathes Hey Joe, to the extent that he has made it his life’s work to dig up the most obscure international Hey Joe 45’s, bootlegs and everything else on the planet. His contributions alone bumped my list of Hey Joe covers to well over 2000 and counting.

Marc write page 142: continues to dig deep. Updated on a regular basis, the dedicated website, run with passion by the enthusiastic and possessed Christian Arnould, continues to discover and report obscurities. In 2015 alone, easily a dozen recorded takes, everything from jazz, to solo acoustic, to rock and pop and back again were dutifully reported for the first time.
marc shapiro pictureMarc Shapiro
marc shapiro book hey joe page VII

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Made corrections
Wilson Pickett: the record Hey Joe b/w Night Owl - label ATCO # ACS 205.019, Brasil, 1969 is a single 7", not 12" but it is well 33 rpm

Added pictures (some of them enlarged) on pages of:
Rob Tognoni (artworks)

UPDATED ON February 15, 2019
New Performers:
My Croatian friend Slavko Mustapić offered me (again) three discs as a gift: The Droogs, Jimi Sumen the Dreams and Joe Publik and Pete Wheatley Band. Thank you, Slavko.

Added pictures (some of them enlarged) on pages of:

Made corrections
Bap Kennedy 1962-2016
D'Swooners recorded Hey Joe in 1968, not in 1969. The LP Portrait Of D'Swooners released in 1968.
Tim Rose: Hey Joe single version on LP's and CD's recorded in 1966 not in 1967.