Added pictures (some of them enlarged) on pages of:
Leaves cover
The Things, USA, 2003, 2004

Hendrix cover

Attacks, Switzerland, 1967
Ben Hunter and Crucial Roots, USA, 1993
Billy Hector, USA, 1993
Carvin Jones Band, USA 1999
Cassie Steele, Canada, 2005
Christos Vogiatzis, Greece, 2000
Dimitris Poulikakos, Greece, 2006
Hit Company avec Paul Graham, France, 1997
Mike Onesko, USA, 2003... (tribute to Jimi Hendrix)
Mike Zito, USA, 2006...
More Experience, Switzerland, 1990... (tribute to Jimi Hendrix)
Mr Blue and The Tight Groove, Switzerland, 2001
Stereo MC's, UK,1988
Still Experienced, Austria, 1999 (tribute to Jimi Hendrix)
Toth Bagi Csaba, Hongary, 1999 (tribute to Jimi Hendrix)

Made corrections
I had classified Johnny Vortex in the cover of Hendrix but this group sings Hey Joe in the cover of Leaves. Error fixed.


New Performers:
Leaves cover
Cringe pre Moving Future, USA, 2013

Hendrix cover
Adelina Hristova, Bulgaria, 2022
ApócryphA, Argentina, 2011
Bluefield, UK, 2016
Blues' N' Brokers, Spain, 2017
Doc Rock, Italy, 1997
Eliza Neals and the Narcotics USA, 2019...
Jerry T. and the Black Alligators France, 2020

Added pictures (some of them enlarged) on pages of:
I am creating the list of Discs and CDs of albums (477 albums to date) whose images are enlarged.
This list will appear in my next update (in September 2013)
Freaky version
Picksiebner, Croatia, 2007
Tunnel Of Love, USA, 2003

Leaves cover
Bap Kennedy, Ireland, 2009
Hazards, USA, 1967 - LP signed DC, 1984
Slags, female group, Germany, 1991...

Hendrix cover

Artur Dutkiewicz, Poland, 2007

Audiac, Germany, 2003
Bernreuther, Bayer and Kossowska (Wolfgang Bernreuther, Rudi Bayer and Beata Kossowska), Germany, 2009
Bluesballs, Switzerland, 2009
Boygroupkillers, Germany, 2004
Brant Bjork, USA, 2004
Carol Williams, USA, 2009
Chris Hyde and Fantasyy Factoryy, Allemagne, 2009
Christine Tobin, UK, 1998
Gabe Dixon Band, USA, 2005
Giancarlo Schinina, Italy, 2001
Gomer Hendrix, USA, 2009
Hal Hirshon, USA, 1996
Jean Jacques Rébillard (1956 - 2022, R.I.P.) France, 1994...
Jim Kahr Group, Germany, 1994
Kelly Richey Band, USA, 1996...
Les Frères Couenne, France, 2005
Lionel Young Band, USA, 1997
Loaded Dice, Germany, 1995...
Mandisa, USA, 2004
New Sensation, Germany, 1999
Niki Blues Band, Holland, 1996
Redwing, USA, 2007
Reese, USA, 1999...
Sardonica, USA, 1997
Syrius, Hungary, 70's artwork
Tolo Marton, Italy, 2002

Willy DeVille cover
Greedy Bunch, Germany, 2001

Made corrections
On list "Leaves cover", I restored the broken link to the page of Raw Thrills
Ant Trip Ceremony LP 24 Hours label Resurrection released in 1983
Shaggs LP Wink label Resurrection released in 1984
I had classified Johnny Vortex in the cover of Hendrix but this group sings Hey Joe in the cover of Leaves. Error fixed.

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Jeff Beck 1944 - 2023 R.I.P.

Tom Verlaine (of Television) 1949 - 2023 R.I.P.

New Performers:
Leaves cover
Fadeaways, Japan, 2022
Raw-Thrills, USA, 2016
Retyrants, USA, 2013

Hendrix cover
Alexander Paeffgen Trio, Germany, 2006
Breeze, UK, 60's
Cliff Moore (Gary's brother), UK, 2017
Dogleg Steve, UK, 2017
Dwayne Dopsie and the Zydeco Hellraisers, USA, 2008...
Félix Rabin, Switzerland, 2016...
Jake's Blues Band, Finland, 2017
Juke Joint, Switzerland, 2021
Painted Lady pre Girlschool, UK 1978...
Projoe a.k.a. Jo Jasper / Danny Fischer, Germany, 1990
MG Band, Belgium and France, 1999
Richie Scarlet, USA, 90's...
Sankai, USA, 1998
Shamarr Allen, USA, 2008

My friend Slako Mustapić still discovered a new interpreter. He sent me the scans of the CD of: Voodoo Room, UK, 2014

Added pictures (some of them enlarged) on pages of:
Leaves cover
Good Pants, UK, 1997
Jelly Bean Bandits, USA, 1967
Joe King Carrasco, USA, 1989
Long Tall Shorty, UK, 2002
Riviera Playboys, USA, 2003

Hendrix cover
A Bunch Of Candians, Canada, 2004
Amigos, USA, 2103
Jimi Homeless Experience, USA, 2007
Junko Onishi, Japan, 1998
Marcia Barrett (of Boney M), Germany, 2004
Pekamor, Switzerland, 2004
Scotti Xander, USA, 2005
St. Madness, USA, 2003
Stop, Croatia, 1983...

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